How to boost your app download?

How to boost your app download?

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Today, I will show you how to gain your first app users thanks to ASO (App Store Optimization).

Developers spend many hours, days, weeks, or months developing their apps. However, once the app is in the app store, nobody downloads it. Next, developers realize that all of that sweat was for nothing.

Most people develop their apps without even considering optimizing user acquisition. The result is obvious: Near 0 downloads at the app's release.

1 app/week challenge update #2
(11th March 2024) It's never too late to introduce Bubly, a contact list with superpowers:
- Know the last time you contacted someone
- Create, edit & remove contact
- Create, edit & remove events with your contacts
- iCloud sync

Bubly is currently in review by Apple. It should be available during the week.
Screenshots of Bubly, your network companion to keep contact with your relations

Get App Downloads Without Spending Your Salary

There are several ways to download your app, and one of the main reasons is to conduct ASO (App Store Optimization).

It is the strategy to increase your app visibility on the App Store. Here are the takeaways to increase your organic search discoverability:

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