šŸšØ How to create a buzz as an app maker?

šŸšØ How to create a buzz as an app maker?

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Developing an app is a small part of what needs to be done behind the scenes.

Ship it and see what happens, nothing.

Having an app on the App Store is one thing. Getting users is something else. In a previous post, we have already seen how to gain some users with ASO.

The development part is only 10% of what there is to accomplish.

1 app/week challenge update #4 (last one)
Meet my last app of the challenge, Meetzere, which will help you choose a location to meet your friends or colleagues in town. It will provide useful information to organize a meeting like annotation on the map, addresses, estimated time of travel.

It's already been 1 month since I started shipping an app for a week. The challenge helped me publish apps with only their core features, nothing more or less. I plan to make a reflection post to share the takeaways.

What's next?
I have been coding a lot to maintain the challenge goals. Next, I will improve my some existing apps and market them a lot in order to reach more users. I also plan to launch a product that may help you ship apps.

What about after...?

After developing the app, there are several things to consider that could help your app be among the top ranking. Here's what:

Share with Reddit Communities

Once your app has launched, you must share it with people online. When I launched GentleEat, I posted it in the /SideProjects Reddit group.

I could share more and more, but during the challenge, my time was limited.

Here is a list you could use to create a buzz for your app from Marc-Etienne Dartus on Reddit.

Share with Media

First, you need a PressKit for your app. It is a material and promotional asset that can be shared with some media. There is a great one made by Hidde Van Der Ploeg for Petey, an app to use Chat GPT directly on your Apple Watch. It provides information for media like features, assets, version supported & more.

Having a PressKit increases your chances of being nominated in media and generating downloads. It shows that you care about the journalist as they will not have to gather information about your app.

Share on the Product Website

The famous one is Product Hunt. Making a grand launch will increase your download rates, too. Depending on your project, you can share it on more product websites like :

Talk with your community

You can easily make a post about your apps if you have an online community. Even if it is small. By providing a video or an assets, your app may reach more people.

Your community will grow as your hot network. People will be interested in what you offer, and by talking about products and giving values, you will attract more followers.

You can contact the Apple editor team to get featured on the Apple Store. It will increase your discoverability, your impressions and downloads.

Getting featured is challenging, as the Apple Team considers factors like integrating Localization, having a great design, etc. I invite you to visit the official website to learn more about the factors to respect and have a chance to get featured.

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