How to get infinite app ideas?

How to get infinite app ideas?
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Having ideas can sometimes be difficult, and be a blocker to start developing your own apps.

Indie development can be challenging as we don't know if an idea will work out.

It can be discouraging at first and put much pressure if the goal is to make a living with app income.

Mainly, your time resource is limited if you have a full-time job.

Finding the right idea is critical to make the most of your time and to keep you motivated.

It's a necessity to earn freedom and financial independence faster.

Let's dive in on how always to have an app idea and make the most of it.

Career Update
A new page has turned, and I am fully available to launch mobile apps and share my experience with you in the Swifty Ship newsletter.

This is an exciting step, and I don't know what it can bring. But the more important thing is to learn on the road and share the knowledge.

I plan to launch 1 app/week for 1 month to make the full of the new adventure.

So, stay tuned, a lot of things are going to be shared here!

Keep attention to things around you

As a developer, you have a superpower. If you think something can be solved with an app, you can develop it immediately and share it.

Let's use that power for the good. When you find someone complaining about something in their life (or even in your life), ask yourself: "Can an app be a solution for that particular problem?"

If yes, you can look for apps that already answer that problem. If you find something that can be improved on those apps, build one that suits your needs or the solution.

If no apps solve that problem, you can build it right away.

The native perks over SaaS

As app makers, we have the power to be near users. Effectively a user can use their apps anywhere, for a SaaS, it's another story.

Most SaaS are built to be used on a computer; some of the best can be used as progressive web apps, but they lack native experience.

That's the advantage app makers can use. The native experience enables functionalities that SaaS cannot use.

For example, a native developer can access the phone camera and localization in an easy and optimized way. You can access exclusive data and technologies like Core Motion, Vision Framework, and more actual Vision OS.

You can dig an idea around those technologies to get exclusive data, technologies that could benefit you or people.

Develop an app for you

You may face an issue, a problem that you probably can solve by writing an app.

Not satisfied with existing apps? Want to build it differently? You can do it.

You can then spread the word with communities or on social networks to reach more people and share your story of writing that app.

Look out for other country stores

Sometimes, there are excellent apps unavailable in some countries. But people could benefit from some of them.

You can pick an app idea that works great in one country and improve it in another.

You serve people in your country and learn along the way.

Catch an idea when it strikes

You had a particular thought and context, and then, pouf, you got an idea (imagine the 💡 above your head). Note that idea, because you probably don't remember it the next day.

I made a note to catch any ideas that popped into my mind. Now I have more than +30 app ideas. Some of them are better than others, but it is still ideas.

The more ideas you have, the more you can think out of the box.

Having an idea is a thing but...

Developing an idea is great, but what if it doesn't work?

It is a doubt that makers have to embrace deeply. You cannot be sentimental about your ideas or projects.

If the core feature doesn't speak to people, ditch it and go to the next one. It can hurt the ego, but you are still learning.

Without other income sources, you cannot afford to lose too much time on an idea. Prioritize about being profitable.

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