The reasons that you are not starting a profitable freelance career

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Today, I’m going to talk about the reasons that may prevent you from starting a profitable career in freelancing.

Many developers are working as employees and are considering starting their freelance careers. Especially in France, we have a lot of freelance opportunities in a lot of fields. Starting can help you to earn more, gain time control, and work on exciting projects.

In this post, I will transparently share the possible reasons preventing you from starting a profitable activity in freelancing. I started offering freelance services 4 years ago while studying computer science. I will explain the reasons that blocked me initially and the techniques that pushed me to start freelancing.

By knowing the different limitations, you will have less resistance and probably start your freelancing career right away.

The problem is that most guides are too general and don't focus on the human perception that will help you build action to achieve your goal.

Career Update
I am joining a new team as an iOS freelancer to collaborate with a company based in the USA, which is developing a social network app based on user localization.
I am excited about joining great people to build the following social media platform in a challenging environment.

Therefore, I will have less time to focus on indie development, but I will do my best to keep publishing weekly content!

Why are you hesitating to start?

1 - The Imposter Syndrome

You probably heard about the imposter syndrome. It is basically when you doubt about your skills and fear of being exposed as a fraud. You can feel it when you start positioning your offer and prices: "How can I ask for that average daily rate?" "Am I the right person for the client?" "I don't know how to answer that problem; I am not good enough.".

Let me tell you one thing. I started offering freelance services in iOS development when I was the least legitimate:

  • I learned iOS for 8 months while working on my full-time internship.
  • I had 8 months of professional experience in other computer science fields.
  • I was still a beginner in iOS development
  • My average daily rate was around 250€ / day.

In short, I was a fraud. For sure, I was afraid to start. Of course, I felt like an imposter for asking for money then. Of course, I was not sure I met the client's requirements. Of course, I was not technically ready.

But I knew one thing:

Know how to find responses to problems and how to learn. Those are qualities that'll make you unstoppable to accomplish anything

It is normal to feel that way, to doubt about your competencies. But those internal voices are just your brains trying to stop you from making the right choices.

When you feel resistances, it is the moment to act without thinking.

2 - Not the right moment

"I will see later" and "this is not the right moment" are objections you put yourself into.

There is no better moment to start than right now. Even if it's a small step, you can start with a small mission alongside your job. See if it fits you well. Not everybody can be a freelancer, and not everybody can be an employee.

Thinking about not being ready technically is an excuse to avoid going into the unknown. You can start offering your services if you have at least 1 year of iOS experience. If you don't know how to do a thing but know how to find the information you need, start now.

So, if you are considering becoming a freelancer, stop asking questions. Start right here, right now.

3 - Not finding clients

One other blocker from starting could be not finding any clients. I was in that case too, with low experience clients will be difficult to find. The first client is always the hardest to get. Once you get that first client, you can ask for recommendations and find others more easily.

So, experiment with your freelance position. Register on freelance platform like Malt, Comet, Crème de la crème and Pylote. Get your first client, and work hard so they are happy with your collaboration. Gain great reviews from them and repeat the process to build a profitable and stable freelance activity.

4 - The fear of the unknown

It is normal to fear the unknown. When I started, I knew that freelancing was harder than employment. You have to make all the client acquisition, relations, and negotiations. However, the outcome is worth trying it out.

Let's be honest: freelancing is less stable than being an employee. But only if you don't put the right effort into acquiring clients alongside your services. Your mission can stop when you are not ready for it. It is easier to stop collaborating with a freelancer than an employee.

You must have at least 6 months of savings in case of periods without clients. It will help you be more stable and less stressed.

Go freelance today

I hope mentioning the reasons that may distract you from starting a freelance career will make you realize that no reason can stop you from starting your freelance career.

Starting a freelance journey can be intimidating. But it is a long game run. By making small action steps now, I am sure you will be an awesome freelancer. Here are steps that you can apply to start right now:

  1. Get your first clients
  2. Offer a great service that answers your client's needs
  3. Get a great review from that first client
  4. Repeat the process

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