How to promote your app launch?

How to promote your app launch?
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Today, I will explain when your app idea should be promoted and why.

Two metrics make a project successful. The luck (which you can provoke but still), and the timing. Therefore, knowing when to launch your product is essential to guarantee its success.

Most people think we can ship an app and let it go. Thinking that way is the best way to make your app flop. Imagine you publish your first app without talking about it around you. The consequence is that your app will make 0 downloads. It is 99% sure. Moreover, it will create a lot of frustration because you know the app could help many people.

There are different types of launch

The first launch is with restricted users. For example, it can be with friends or people you know, but the best are people who don't know you personally. Why? Because of the "courtesy bias". It is when people don't give you a critical opinion because they are afraid to hurt you.

The earlier you ask for feedback, the better it is, as your user gives an external point of view of their problem solution.

So, share your app with users who shared really good feedback in less than 5 minutes. You will learn a lot and plan to implement that feedback in the app.

With that feedback, you can iterate rapidly on your app and pass it on to the next step.

Find your first users

One thing that you may think at the beginning is that once your app is published, there is nothing more to do. But it is already too late. Let me explain.

To ensure an app's success, you must talk about it before releasing it to create the "trailer effect" on social networks. For my first app, I shared pictures and some functionalities of the app itself.

Once the project is announced live, plan to create posts on different platforms to inform people about the app. It could be on Product Hunt, X, Reddit, HackerNews, etc... By letting people know about your app, they can try it.

If it responds to their problem, they become engaged users who will use or even promote your app (which is the best scenario as it is a free promotion).

Prepare assets for your app

Developing the app is one thing. However, having assets to present the app to people is essential. You can use tools like Rotato to create 3D animated mockups. It will help you to have a clean and professional look at your app. Users need to identify you as a professional.

For more basic stuff, like a banner for the app, you can use Figma, but Photoshop and Canvas work, too.

Finally, plan to create a landing page to show some basic functionalities of the app and make it simple to share on several platforms.

Shipping is one thing; getting users another

Before getting ready, share your journey with people around you before getting ready. You will be able to get relevant feedback to improve your app.

Next, it is all about marketing. Prepare assets and content and publish them on different platforms so people can learn more about your project and your vision.

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