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I hope you and the people you love are having an excellent end of year. I wish you a wonderful New Year's Eve.

This is the first issue of the newsletter. Today, I will talk about the importance of having a landing page for your app.

I am preparing for the launch of my first iOS app. The app is basically a flash card that aims to help you develop more knowledge by forgetting less. I will talk more about the app in January and the strategy I used to promote it.

The first step I am working on is developing a landing page for this app.

Here are the 5 reasons why👇:

A landing page is your shopfront

It is a great way for people to know more about your app before installing it. It is easier to share values with the landing page with communities and people online. It is the first step to converting potential leads to users and customers. You could use the landing page of your app store app, but I find the value sharing limited at a glance.

Preparing the launch on Product Hunt

Your landing page is necessary if you want to show your app on ProductHunt. It will attract users easily. If they are interested in the app, they will install it. So when you develop your landing page, you can easily start sharing it on product hunt. It can create a lot of user attraction and feedback for the app.

Presents testimonials

App Store can be a great landing page, but you cannot really have testimonials from people. I think it is more complicated to ask for a review inside the app than to ask directly from the person. The landing page is your own zone. You can ask for reviews from people and post them directly on your landing page so they

Give details with the FAQ

For the app, I know that many people are unaware of what a flash card is. Therefore, I added a section in the FAQ that explains what a flash card is and the benefits of using it to learn anything. Those details cannot be explained well other than in a FAQ or in the mobile app onboarding.


You can add a Press Kit on your landing page so people can easily get assets and information to talk about your app. I see a lot of developers doing it so they can have the first bunch of users for their app. Just add the link at the footer of the landing page, and you are ready to go. If you don’t want to create a Press Kit from scratch, you can use ImpressKit.

Bonus Tip

You don’t have to spend a lot of time to develop it. For this project, I found a landing page online. I changed the content so that it corresponds to my app wording. I don’t want to build fancy stuff and lose time.

To finish this newsletter, here is what I kept in mind during the pre-launch of my app:

“Launch imperfectly when starting but iterate perfectly when getting trendy.“

What would you want to read next? I want to make this newsletter yours, so feel free to answer this e-mail about what you want to read next :)

I wish you a happy new year until next week and wish you the best for 2024


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